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a coordinated system of care that respects and promotes the dignity, rights and full participation of the individual and their families.

Welcome to the new website of Phoenix -N - Peace, Inc. Managed Adult Care and Associated Entities. Phoenix - N - Peace, Inc. is fully licensed through the State and has been in business over 20 years. We are a leader in the industry in the State of Virginia with dedicated, caring and professional staff. We provide services to Medicaid Waiver recipients and FAPT individuals, we are networked with associated partners throughout the state..

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for persons with intellectual challenges and problems by providing the very best residential and day support services possible. Our programs work to effectively assist and train those who need life skill services. This is accomplished through a coordinated system of care that respects and promotes the dignity, rights and full participation of the individual and their families. We are dedicated to provide individuals with a safe and secure environment because they often represent a particularly fragile, often dependent or helpless portion of our population.

Many of our individuals are unable to live independently and need assistance with basic life and personal skills and they are dependent upon our administrators, staff, Support Coordinators and family members to provide personal services to protect their rights encourage independence and assist them in meeting determined goals for fully productive lives. Day Support services train individuals in attending a task, community involvement and participation social skills and appropriate behavior. Services are based upon a clear statement of values and principles and are tailored to individual needs and preferences with respect to cultural, racial and gender differences. While taking these differences into account, services are available to all persons in an equitable manner.

The individuals in our care participate fully in community activities and resources, volunteer in the community, go on vacation annually, shop, enjoy recreational and cultural activities and events in the area and are encouraged to participate in as many functions as any other citizen in our community. We take pride in the opportunities that are provided to the individuals in our care and promote normally as often as possible in their daily lives.

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to learn more about Phoenix - N - Peace, Inc. If you have any questions regarding the company or the services we provide, please feel free to contact our Executive Offices for assistance.


Marilyn C. Newby, Chief Executive Officer

Residential & Day    Learn More

Our Residential Services promote acceptance in the normal life of the community in which the consumer resides through social integration and participation in community opportunities...

Our Adult Day Support Services (day or evening) have a double focus. They are intended to provide care and support for individuals daily so they can continue living in the community...

Our Supportive In-Home Services provides community support services and other structured services to assist individuals. Services strengthen individual skills and provide environmental supports necessary to attain and sustain independent community residential living. They include, but are not limited to, drop-in or friendly-visitor support and counseling to more intensive support, monitoring, training, in-home support, respite care and family support services...

Intensive In-Home Learn More

Our HOPE Intensive In-Home Services are committed to intensive counseling and training, and we are dedicated to supporting individuals (ages 4-21) in their journey to build character, enhance communication skills, as well as, assist them with social and emotional development.


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Main Office of Phoenix - N - Peace
3297 Suite C, South Crater Road,
Petersburg, VA 23805
Hours:  M - F, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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