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Supportive In-Home Services is committed to providing community support services and other structured services to assist individuls. 

These services strengthen individual skills and provide environmental supports necessary to attain and sustain independent community residential living. They include, but are not limited to, drop-in or friendly-visitor support and counseling to more intensive detailed support, monitoring, training, in-home support, respite care and family support services. Services are based on the needs of the individual and include training and assistance. These services normally do not involve overnight care by the provider; however, due to the flexible nature of these services, overnight care may be provided on an occasional basis.

Admissions Criteria | Process
  • At least 18 years of Age
  • Primary Diagnosis of Intellectual disability (mental retardation)
  • Individual must have significant limitations in adaptive skills in two or more of the following areas: communication, self-care, home living, social skills, community use, self-direction, functional academics, leisure, work, health and safety
  • Individual is not known to have tuberculosis in a communicable form
  • Individual is in a wellness state and does not need continuous nursing care
  • Individual does not have a history (within 2 years of creating unsafe conditions such as fire abuse
  • Individual’s active behavior Management Plan does not require the use of procedures, which would conflict with Phoenix-N-Peace, Inc. Human Rights Plan, which include time out, seclusion, intrusive aversive therapy, or mechanical restraints or a need for restrictive behavioral interventions.
  • The individual’s service needs are available by Phoenix-N-Peace, Inc.
  • The individual does not meet the characteristics described above
    The individual being referred has to be screened to assure he or she meets the criteria. After it is determined that he or she meets the criteria, the admission process begins, which includes having a physical within 30 days of admission, an individual service plan meeting is held to discuss the outcomes that the individual wants to work on to enhance his or her skills to become more independent. Prior to this meeting an assessment is conducted to determine the individuals strong areas.

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